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Participate on the next delegation of businessmen who will travel to Israel for a week to learn about the most innovative technologies and look for business opportunities. Exchange with entrepreneurs and founders of the most disruptive companies in the world.

The program takes place in the main cities of Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva.

A transformative experience that combines business development with innovation and culture.

“If you could meet the founder of WAZE. What would you ask him? Which advice would you ask to TWITTER's main investor? And to the creator of the pendrive?”

More than 1400 entrepreneurs have already participated in the program. Don't miss this opportunity.



Types of Company

We will visit different types of companies, from the smallest to the largest to understand the functioning of the ecosystem as a whole.

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The contents are custom. According to the profile of the members of each delegation, we will include in the agenda the industries in which Israel is creating a true revolution.

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Some of our former participants


Paula Molinari 

Founder de Whalecom

Senior Edition

Veronica Martinez 

Legal Manager - IEASA 

Senior Edition

Pablo Verra

Gerente de Inversiones - BID 

Senior Edition


Probably it's your first time visiting Israel. We can't unknow the fact that the asian country is the cradle of the main monotheistic religions. To truly understand the culture and israeli society we must understand the cultural aspects that form the identity of the place and its people.

2020 - Innovation Experience Israel